Author Topic: How to improve the textures!  (Read 2414 times)

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How to improve the textures!
« on: October 29, 2005, 07:32:46 am »
Hi, I used some textures I amde using 3ds max 6.0 and when using thwe opengl render they look fine, but when rendering by software it just a mess.

I know that software renders  with 24 bits per pixel on theur textures, but I tried to save them with less colors and I am having the same results.

It would be very nice to have a seccion with some free textures and models because the model I found on 3dcafe dont work and the textures I make are awfull when rendering.
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How to improve the textures!
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2005, 10:17:14 am »
What do you mean by "awfull"? The software renderer can't do mip mapping let alone trilinear filtering, so you may see some aliasing artifacts. Maybe you don't like the effect the faked bilinear filter creates (disable it with Config.texelFilter). Usualy, software benefits from low contrast textures, because that will reduce the aliasing.