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My project
« on: May 03, 2006, 01:22:29 am »
I guess it s also time for me to talk a little bit about my own project.

Well I m trying to create what is called an Intelligent Tutoring System (i.e. a system that is supposed to teach you something but that has the ability to adapt its teaching depending on a dynamically created profile of the user).

I am interested in creating a RPG- like learning environment because some theories make me suspect that it could have a very high value in term of user motivation

Currently I am using JPCT for 3D rendering, JADE a multi agent platform is used for dealing with the supposed-intelligent part of the system (collaborative work of agents --> the goal is to interact, according to pedagogical strategies, with a learner when this one needs information)
I m also beginning to use JESS (a rule based engine) to help agents behave in a more intelligent way.... (but i can t tell more or i will have to kill you).
Finally, this is a client server architecture based on the NIO package (inter agents communication inside jade use RMI but it s too slow to deal with world logic using this technic).
The system is not far from its first usable version...

Here are some screenshots

A general view from the client interface

Some part of a map

again some part of the map from a different point of view

A test to make agents discuss with users

PS:  if someone has low polygon models (md2, 3ds) more or less related to the greek mythology, i would be very interested by it.

For those who are interested in :

JADE : (LGPL license)
JESS : (a license is requested but it s free one if it is for academic purpose)