Author Topic: Translating AWT and LWJGL Virtual Key Codes  (Read 3701 times)

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Translating AWT and LWJGL Virtual Key Codes
« on: February 05, 2007, 12:49:36 am »
This took some time:)
I hope it helps someone. I think  covered everything.
A lot of the FROM AWT was on a forum, but I had to sit and reverse
every single switch case for the TO AWT:)

Code: [Select]

private int translateFromAWT( int aCode ) {
   switch ( aCode ) {
     case KeyEvent.VK_ESCAPE: return Keyboard.KEY_ESCAPE;
     case KeyEvent.VK_1: return Keyboard.KEY_1;
     case KeyEvent.VK_2: return Keyboard.KEY_2;
     case KeyEvent.VK_3: return Keyboard.KEY_3;
     case KeyEvent.VK_4: return Keyboard.KEY_4;
     case KeyEvent.VK_5: return Keyboard.KEY_5;
     case KeyEvent.VK_6: return Keyboard.KEY_6;
     case KeyEvent.VK_7: return Keyboard.KEY_7;
     case KeyEvent.VK_8: return Keyboard.KEY_8;
     case KeyEvent.VK_9: return Keyboard.KEY_9;
     case KeyEvent.VK_0: return Keyboard.KEY_0;
     case KeyEvent.VK_MINUS: return Keyboard.KEY_MINUS;
     case KeyEvent.VK_EQUALS: return Keyboard.KEY_EQUALS;
     case KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SPACE: return Keyboard.KEY_BACK;
     case KeyEvent.VK_TAB: return Keyboard.KEY_TAB;
     case KeyEvent.VK_Q: return Keyboard.KEY_Q;
     case KeyEvent.VK_W: return Keyboard.KEY_W;
     case KeyEvent.VK_E: return Keyboard.KEY_E;
     case KeyEvent.VK_R: return Keyboard.KEY_R;
     case KeyEvent.VK_T: return Keyboard.KEY_T;
     case KeyEvent.VK_Y: return Keyboard.KEY_Y;
     case KeyEvent.VK_U: return Keyboard.KEY_U;
     case KeyEvent.VK_I: return Keyboard.KEY_I;
     case KeyEvent.VK_O: return Keyboard.KEY_O;
     case KeyEvent.VK_P: return Keyboard.KEY_P;
     case KeyEvent.VK_OPEN_BRACKET: return Keyboard.KEY_LBRACKET;
     case KeyEvent.VK_CLOSE_BRACKET: return Keyboard.KEY_RBRACKET;
     case KeyEvent.VK_ENTER: return Keyboard.KEY_RETURN;
     case KeyEvent.VK_CONTROL: return Keyboard.KEY_LCONTROL;
     case KeyEvent.VK_A: return Keyboard.KEY_A;
     case KeyEvent.VK_S: return Keyboard.KEY_S;
     case KeyEvent.VK_D: return Keyboard.KEY_D;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F: return Keyboard.KEY_F;
     case KeyEvent.VK_G: return Keyboard.KEY_G;
     case KeyEvent.VK_H: return Keyboard.KEY_H;
     case KeyEvent.VK_J: return Keyboard.KEY_J;
     case KeyEvent.VK_K: return Keyboard.KEY_K;
     case KeyEvent.VK_L: return Keyboard.KEY_L;
     case KeyEvent.VK_SEMICOLON: return Keyboard.KEY_SEMICOLON;
     case KeyEvent.VK_QUOTE: return Keyboard.KEY_APOSTROPHE;
     case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_GRAVE: return Keyboard.KEY_GRAVE;
     case KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT: return Keyboard.KEY_LSHIFT;
     case KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SLASH: return Keyboard.KEY_BACKSLASH;
     case KeyEvent.VK_Z: return Keyboard.KEY_Z;
     case KeyEvent.VK_X: return Keyboard.KEY_X;
     case KeyEvent.VK_C: return Keyboard.KEY_C;
     case KeyEvent.VK_V: return Keyboard.KEY_V;
     case KeyEvent.VK_B: return Keyboard.KEY_B;
     case KeyEvent.VK_N: return Keyboard.KEY_N;
     case KeyEvent.VK_M: return Keyboard.KEY_M;
     case KeyEvent.VK_COMMA: return Keyboard.KEY_COMMA;
     case KeyEvent.VK_PERIOD: return Keyboard.KEY_PERIOD;
     case KeyEvent.VK_SLASH: return Keyboard.KEY_SLASH;
     case KeyEvent.VK_MULTIPLY: return Keyboard.KEY_MULTIPLY;
     case KeyEvent.VK_ALT: return Keyboard.KEY_LMENU;
     case KeyEvent.VK_SPACE: return Keyboard.KEY_SPACE;
     case KeyEvent.VK_CAPS_LOCK: return Keyboard.KEY_CAPITAL;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F1: return Keyboard.KEY_F1;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F2: return Keyboard.KEY_F2;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F3: return Keyboard.KEY_F3;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F4: return Keyboard.KEY_F4;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F5: return Keyboard.KEY_F5;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F6: return Keyboard.KEY_F6;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F7: return Keyboard.KEY_F7;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F8: return Keyboard.KEY_F8;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F9: return Keyboard.KEY_F9;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F10: return Keyboard.KEY_F10;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUM_LOCK: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMLOCK;
     case KeyEvent.VK_SCROLL_LOCK: return Keyboard.KEY_SCROLL;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD7: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD7;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD8: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD8;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD9: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD9;
     case KeyEvent.VK_SUBTRACT: return Keyboard.KEY_SUBTRACT;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD4: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD4;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD5: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD5;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD6: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD6;
     case KeyEvent.VK_ADD: return Keyboard.KEY_ADD;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD1: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD1;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD2: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD2;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD3: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD3;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD0: return Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD0;
     case KeyEvent.VK_DECIMAL: return Keyboard.KEY_DECIMAL;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F11: return Keyboard.KEY_F11;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F12: return Keyboard.KEY_F12;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F13: return Keyboard.KEY_F13;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F14: return Keyboard.KEY_F14;
     case KeyEvent.VK_F15: return Keyboard.KEY_F15;
     case KeyEvent.VK_KANA: return Keyboard.KEY_KANA;
     case KeyEvent.VK_CONVERT: return Keyboard.KEY_CONVERT;
     case KeyEvent.VK_NONCONVERT: return Keyboard.KEY_NOCONVERT;
     case KeyEvent.VK_CIRCUMFLEX: return Keyboard.KEY_CIRCUMFLEX;
     case KeyEvent.VK_AT: return Keyboard.KEY_AT;
     case KeyEvent.VK_COLON: return Keyboard.KEY_COLON;
     case KeyEvent.VK_UNDERSCORE: return Keyboard.KEY_UNDERLINE;
     case KeyEvent.VK_KANJI: return Keyboard.KEY_KANJI;
     case KeyEvent.VK_STOP: return Keyboard.KEY_STOP;
     case KeyEvent.VK_DIVIDE: return Keyboard.KEY_DIVIDE;
     case KeyEvent.VK_PAUSE: return Keyboard.KEY_PAUSE;
     case KeyEvent.VK_HOME: return Keyboard.KEY_HOME;
     case KeyEvent.VK_UP: return Keyboard.KEY_UP;
     case KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_UP: return Keyboard.KEY_PRIOR;
     case KeyEvent.VK_LEFT: return Keyboard.KEY_LEFT;
     case KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT: return Keyboard.KEY_RIGHT;
     case KeyEvent.VK_END: return Keyboard.KEY_END;
     case KeyEvent.VK_DOWN: return Keyboard.KEY_DOWN;
     case KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_DOWN: return Keyboard.KEY_NEXT;
     case KeyEvent.VK_INSERT: return Keyboard.KEY_INSERT;
     case KeyEvent.VK_DELETE: return Keyboard.KEY_DELETE;
     case KeyEvent.VK_META: return Keyboard.KEY_LWIN;
   return Keyboard.KEY_NONE;
private int translateToAWT( int aCode ) {
   switch ( aCode ) {
     case Keyboard.KEY_ESCAPE: return KeyEvent.VK_ESCAPE;
     case Keyboard.KEY_1: return KeyEvent.VK_1;
     case Keyboard.KEY_2: return KeyEvent.VK_2;
     case Keyboard.KEY_3: return KeyEvent.VK_3;
     case Keyboard.KEY_4: return KeyEvent.VK_4;
     case Keyboard.KEY_5: return KeyEvent.VK_5;
     case Keyboard.KEY_6: return KeyEvent.VK_6;
     case Keyboard.KEY_7: return KeyEvent.VK_7;
     case Keyboard.KEY_8: return KeyEvent.VK_8;
     case Keyboard.KEY_9: return KeyEvent.VK_9;
     case Keyboard.KEY_0: return KeyEvent.VK_0;
     case Keyboard.KEY_MINUS: return KeyEvent.VK_MINUS;
     case Keyboard.KEY_EQUALS: return KeyEvent.VK_EQUALS;
     case Keyboard.KEY_BACK: return KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SPACE;
     case Keyboard.KEY_TAB: return KeyEvent.VK_TAB;
     case Keyboard.KEY_Q: return KeyEvent.VK_Q;
     case Keyboard.KEY_W: return KeyEvent.VK_W;
     case Keyboard.KEY_E: return KeyEvent.VK_E;
     case Keyboard.KEY_R: return KeyEvent.VK_R;
     case Keyboard.KEY_T: return KeyEvent.VK_T;
     case Keyboard.KEY_Y: return KeyEvent.VK_Y;
     case Keyboard.KEY_U: return KeyEvent.VK_U;
     case Keyboard.KEY_I: return KeyEvent.VK_I;
     case Keyboard.KEY_O: return KeyEvent.VK_O;
     case Keyboard.KEY_P: return KeyEvent.VK_P;
     case Keyboard.KEY_LBRACKET: return KeyEvent.VK_OPEN_BRACKET;
     case Keyboard.KEY_RBRACKET: return KeyEvent.VK_CLOSE_BRACKET;
     case Keyboard.KEY_RETURN: return KeyEvent.VK_ENTER;
     case Keyboard.KEY_LCONTROL: return KeyEvent.VK_CONTROL;
     case Keyboard.KEY_A: return KeyEvent.VK_A;
     case Keyboard.KEY_S: return KeyEvent.VK_S;
     case Keyboard.KEY_D: return KeyEvent.VK_D;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F: return KeyEvent.VK_F;
     case Keyboard.KEY_G: return KeyEvent.VK_G;
     case Keyboard.KEY_H: return KeyEvent.VK_H;
     case Keyboard.KEY_J: return KeyEvent.VK_J;
     case Keyboard.KEY_K: return KeyEvent.VK_K;
     case Keyboard.KEY_L: return KeyEvent.VK_L;
     case Keyboard.KEY_SEMICOLON: return KeyEvent.VK_SEMICOLON;
     case Keyboard.KEY_APOSTROPHE: return KeyEvent.VK_QUOTE;
     case Keyboard.KEY_GRAVE: return KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_GRAVE;
     case Keyboard.KEY_LSHIFT: return KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT;
     case Keyboard.KEY_BACKSLASH: return KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SLASH;
     case Keyboard.KEY_Z: return KeyEvent.VK_Z;
     case Keyboard.KEY_X: return KeyEvent.VK_X;
     case Keyboard.KEY_C: return KeyEvent.VK_C;
     case Keyboard.KEY_V: return KeyEvent.VK_V;
     case Keyboard.KEY_B: return KeyEvent.VK_B;
     case Keyboard.KEY_N: return KeyEvent.VK_N;
     case Keyboard.KEY_M: return KeyEvent.VK_M;
     case Keyboard.KEY_COMMA: return KeyEvent.VK_COMMA;
     case Keyboard.KEY_PERIOD: return KeyEvent.VK_PERIOD;
     case Keyboard.KEY_SLASH: return KeyEvent.VK_SLASH;
     case Keyboard.KEY_MULTIPLY: return KeyEvent.VK_MULTIPLY;
     case Keyboard.KEY_LMENU: return KeyEvent.VK_ALT;
     case Keyboard.KEY_SPACE: return KeyEvent.VK_SPACE;
     case Keyboard.KEY_CAPITAL: return KeyEvent.VK_CAPS_LOCK;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F1: return KeyEvent.VK_F1;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F2: return KeyEvent.VK_F2;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F3: return KeyEvent.VK_F3;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F4: return KeyEvent.VK_F4;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F5: return KeyEvent.VK_F5;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F6: return KeyEvent.VK_F6;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F7: return KeyEvent.VK_F7;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F8: return KeyEvent.VK_F8;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F9: return KeyEvent.VK_F9;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F10: return KeyEvent.VK_F10;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMLOCK: return KeyEvent.VK_NUM_LOCK;
     case Keyboard.KEY_SCROLL: return KeyEvent.VK_SCROLL_LOCK;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD7: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD7;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD8: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD8;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD9: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD9;
     case Keyboard.KEY_SUBTRACT: return KeyEvent.VK_SUBTRACT;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD4: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD4;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD5: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD5;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD6: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD6;
     case Keyboard.KEY_ADD: return KeyEvent.VK_ADD;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD1: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD1;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD2: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD2;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD3: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD3;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NUMPAD0: return KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD0;
     case Keyboard.KEY_DECIMAL: return KeyEvent.VK_DECIMAL;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F11: return KeyEvent.VK_F11;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F12: return KeyEvent.VK_F12;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F13: return KeyEvent.VK_F13;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F14: return KeyEvent.VK_F14;
     case Keyboard.KEY_F15: return KeyEvent.VK_F15;
     case Keyboard.KEY_KANA: return KeyEvent.VK_KANA;
     case Keyboard.KEY_CONVERT: return KeyEvent.VK_CONVERT;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NOCONVERT: return KeyEvent.VK_NONCONVERT;
     case Keyboard.KEY_CIRCUMFLEX: return KeyEvent.VK_CIRCUMFLEX;
     case Keyboard.KEY_AT: return KeyEvent.VK_AT;
     case Keyboard.KEY_COLON: return KeyEvent.VK_COLON;
     case Keyboard.KEY_UNDERLINE: return KeyEvent.VK_UNDERSCORE;
     case Keyboard.KEY_KANJI: return KeyEvent.VK_KANJI;
     case Keyboard.KEY_STOP: return KeyEvent.VK_STOP;
     case Keyboard.KEY_DIVIDE: return KeyEvent.VK_DIVIDE;
     case Keyboard.KEY_PAUSE: return KeyEvent.VK_PAUSE;
     case Keyboard.KEY_HOME: return KeyEvent.VK_HOME;
     case Keyboard.KEY_UP: return KeyEvent.VK_UP;
     case Keyboard.KEY_PRIOR: return KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_UP;
     case Keyboard.KEY_LEFT: return KeyEvent.VK_LEFT;
     case Keyboard.KEY_RIGHT: return KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT;
     case Keyboard.KEY_END: return KeyEvent.VK_END;
     case Keyboard.KEY_DOWN: return KeyEvent.VK_DOWN;
     case Keyboard.KEY_NEXT: return KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_DOWN;
     case Keyboard.KEY_INSERT: return KeyEvent.VK_INSERT;
     case Keyboard.KEY_DELETE: return KeyEvent.VK_DELETE;
     case Keyboard.KEY_LWIN: return KeyEvent.VK_META;
   return Keyboard.KEY_NONE;
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Translating AWT and LWJGL Virtual Key Codes
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2007, 08:50:40 am »
Any reason why you are obviously not using the KeyMapper in util, which does this translation for you? I'm just asking so that i can improve it, if something is missing.

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Translating AWT and LWJGL Virtual Key Codes
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2007, 10:58:00 am »
I didnt want to keep asking for things so I made my own:).

I needed to be able to tget the actual ascii character from the event,
because i was using it to grab keys for my textfield controls. Otherwise it is complex to find the letter case:)

My keystate version just uses an extra "char keyChar" variable.
Obviously this char isnt passed all the time(not on keyup), but its nice that i can grab it when it is.

By the way, perhaps the MouseMapper from Paradroidz could be included in the next release? Just to totally wrap the standard inputs behind abstraction. - Text Based MMORPG - 3D Isometric MMORPG