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Re: Warehouse Visualisation
« Reply #15 on: March 02, 2007, 06:43:33 pm »
Its only test clip, i'll do one more later.

Yes it is based on live data from warehouse. But I can configure it to run as demo (in case I don't have internet connection at the time).

I have one xml configuration file in which I can configure as many warehouses as wanted to run in any mode I want to. And than switch beetwen them at runtime.
So if I wan't to add aditional warehouse, additional code like this would be added

Code: [Select]
<warehouse name="DORN">
    <controller class="net.epilog.vis3d.DBWarehouseController">
    <property name="selfFinish" value="false">    </property>
    <property name="displayText" value="Doerrnberg, D - %TIME%">    </property>
    <property name="logoName" value="VOSH.GIF">    </property>
    <object class="StaticObject" name="FEHR-TABLE" fileName="BOARD.3DS" position_type="ABSOLUTE" xPos="1500" yPos="-24" zPos="-1000">
      <custom_property name="scaleFactor" value="8">      </custom_property>
    <object class="Regal" name="REGAL01-L" position_type="BY_LOCAT" location="01200100010001">
      <custom_property name="regalHeigth" value="18">      </custom_property>
      <custom_property name="regalLength" value="73">      </custom_property>
    <object class="Regal" name="REGAL01-R" position_type="BY_LOCAT" location="01400100010001">
      <custom_property name="regalHeigth" value="18">      </custom_property>
      <custom_property name="regalLength" value="73">      </custom_property>
    <device class="RBGA" name="RBGA01" position_type="ABSOLUTE" xPos="-200" yPos="-20" zPos="500" speedFactorX="1.3">
      <custom_property name="trackLength" value="75">      </custom_property>
      <custom_property name="rbgHigth" value="18">      </custom_property>
    <device class="VWQ" name="VWQA01" rotation="180" position_type="BY_LOCAT" location="01400100190001">
      <custom_property name="NrOfPlaces" value="19">      </custom_property>
      <custom_property name="trackLength" value="18">      </custom_property>
    <device class="VWQ" name="VWQA02" position_type="BY_LOCAT" location="01200100080001">
      <custom_property name="NrOfPlaces" value="7">      </custom_property>
      <custom_property name="trackLength" value="6">      </custom_property>
    <device class="VWQ" name="VWQA03" position_type="BY_LOCAT" location="01200100230001">
      <custom_property name="NrOfPlaces" value="7">      </custom_property>
      <custom_property name="trackLength" value="6">      </custom_property>
    <device class="KARA" name="KARA01" rotation="180" position_type="BY_LOCAT" location="01200100380001">    </device>
    <light itensity="45" xPos="-1000" yPos="-2000" zPos="1500">    </light>
    <light itensity="35" xPos="8000" yPos="-2000" zPos="1500">    </light>

I have some things in mind to do later this year, since now I'll be working on other projects.

-to show the content/material in containers and how it changes at some points.
-to make different Cameras: -free (like this one now), - static rotating following, static moving follloving. And than on some voting/random alghorithm they would be switching from one to another. They should be also configured in xml.

At this point I'd like to thank every one that helped me with this on forum. And the biggest thank to Egon for creating this lovely engine and gave me all the support I needed.