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    <allpages apcontinue="Distance_based_functions_snippet" />
      <p pageid="115" ns="0" title="Basic algebra" />
      <p pageid="134" ns="0" title="Basic shadow mapping" />
      <p pageid="125" ns="0" title="Bones Ninja demo android studio project" />
      <p pageid="23" ns="0" title="Changing applet&#039;s heap size via HTML" />
      <p pageid="27" ns="0" title="Collision detection" />
      <p pageid="21" ns="0" title="Compiled objects" />
      <p pageid="30" ns="0" title="Coordinate system" />
      <p pageid="81" ns="0" title="Create a cube" />
      <p pageid="128" ns="0" title="Develop JPCT programs using Python language (Jython)" />
      <p pageid="38" ns="0" title="Differences between jPCT and jPCT-AE" />