Download jPCT
The latest version of the API for desktop Java (i.e. Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris...).
It includes the jPCT API, the documentation, some examples to get you started, the license and a current version of LWJGL.
Download jPCT-AE
The latest version of the API for Android.
It includes the jPCT-AE API, the documentation and examples to get you started.
Download Bones
A skeletal animation API for
jPCT and jPCT-AE by raft.
Source code of the complete game Robombs for the desktop.
A more advanced, fps game
like example for the desktop
Download jBrush
A world and animation editor/library and serializer tool by community member neo187
Download TexturePack
Some free 512*512 textures. They are tileable and created from pictures taken at the abandoned fair ground of the Expo 2000 world exhibition in Hannover/Germany. Use them in any way you like.
The old stuff
Some unsupported and maybe
outdated stuff:

CartoonNetwork by Klaudiusz
Devkit/Level-editor by ToddMcF2002
Car by Melssj5
Maze by Melssj5
FlierMatch (unfinished) by Melssj5
Rotozoomer (none-jPCT) by E.Olsen