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Samsung Huawei OnePlus 8、9、10,Most mobile phones .
x86 emulator works best,arm emulator looks bad.
Is it possible that this is the problem of the model itself?

Run in 2.0 version,The result of the emulator is the same as that of the mobile phone,Highlight is not obvious, shadow has a large serration, and the transition is not smooth。
Run in 1.0 version emulator ,The effect is the best,For example, the last two pictures。


Disable mirror with your demo.


The first five are set up by you.
The last two use the gl1.0

I'm using OpenGL 2.0 now,
The result looks like the first picture.
How can I make him look like the second picture.
The second picture, using OpenGL 1.0, runs in the android studio default emulator.

In version 2.0, how can I get the default shader to modify the parameters?

Thank you for your reply,I'm a rookie,Can you show me a shader example ;D
Why is there a big gap between the first and the second?
The second one runs on the emulator。
The first one runs on the mobile phone。

I tested about five different brands of mobile phones, and the mirror light was very weak.
I reduced the light source provided by the world class. It has a weak effect. But the effect looks bad.
Is there any way to improve?

The first one:Run on ARM chip mobile phone
The second one:Run on android studio X86 emulator
I just started learning OpenGL,Just use demo to run a model file,Confused about the differences between the two platforms。The second image looks like a mirror reflection。


x86 emulator,running is effective
other mobile phones,only shadows and higher saturation

after I set it up,the simulator also lost its effectiveness,it looks like there's no contrast,and saturation is very high。
(simulator:x86 , phone:arm)

hi, :-[

i use setSpecificLighting (true) for Object3D,invalid on mobile phone。

but in the android studio virtual simulator,i can see the reflection of the highlights。

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