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Support / FOV/Distance values to produce a near flat camera (Ortho)
« on: March 04, 2014, 06:59:57 pm »
* I know JPCT doesn't support Orth camera (Isometric projections and bla bla ...).

I working on an Android app that allows you to manipulate (move, rotate, scale ...) a 3d model (with texture) and as you might guess when I move the objects to the coroner's it feels "tilted" .. camera perspective issues and etc..

I'm trying to figure out good FOV and Camera Distance values that a good user experience when moving to objects to the corners of the screen.

I can played with values a lot and results are hard to judge.
Any suggestion for a good "hard coded" values that will provide me with something close to a flat camera ?

Support / Rotate a 2d circle around my Object3D
« on: February 24, 2014, 05:04:49 pm »

I'm working on an app that uses gesture to manipulate a 3d model using JPCT-AE. I want to wrap around the model (Object3D) 3 circles representing each axis that will move and rotate with the object.

It should look similar to this (Circles around the model):

I'm assuming the best approach will be to draw the circles using PolyLines so I wrote a small function that accepts a radius, number of points in the circle, center.
   SimpleVector[] MakeCircle2d(float rad, int points,
         SimpleVector center) {..}

I create and Polyline from those points I got.
The next steps will be to modify (rotate) the list of points so I can create 2 more polylines that will 2 more circles (rotates on X,Y,Z).
I can't attach a polyline as a child object so on every transformation I will need to recalculate and display the new circles.

I'm kind of struggling here so I'm start to doubt my approach:
1. Do you feel I'm taking the correct approach ? if not what do you suggest ?
2. What would be the correct/efficient  way to rotate the array of SimpleVector around my model ?
3.  What would be the correct/efficient way to create 2 more circles from the original array of SimpleVector (or should I modify my function to return 3 array's .. 1 for each circle)

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