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Feedback / are these bugs?
« on: September 11, 2016, 02:50:54 pm »
The following post is designed to help or just give ideas and not to insult. I hope you will see my points.
First of all I Love many aspects of your game and the style and I'm impressed by the fact it's a one man effort.

However  I'm an extreme veteran when it comes to gaming. 25 years on all platforms on hundereds of titles. so forgive me if my honest upfront critic offends. please read on.
I'm curious and confused as to why I found a black gemstone that Reads;"it's special"

However after end Game it's still in my quest items I can't see a use?
also I have Leonald's sword in quest items that I never found a use for?
And...There is another crypt on top of a hill in which there are two doors inside.
one says opened elsewhere. (Without any elsewhere). and the other locked (without any key) this is after game has finished there's no way of finding any key and no switch. I found it odd to be able to complete a game whilst a dungeon is unexplored.
so how do I get inside these doors?

Also on another note;
Why did this game end so disapointingly abrupt without any real sentiment or build up?
I mean your looking for your father the whole game then the first guy you met who by the way has a different name turns out to be in theory (not any real proof) he is your father?
then the game ends without any real feeling or emotional conversation or anything in fact it left me feeling totally void of any "glory moment or highlight"
just oh...f..father.....the end...?! face palm!
I was like..."omg lame you can't seriously tell me that's the end?!!"

Another note:
It was far too easy.
I never died once. just hit,move back, hit.
I killed the last demon guy by just letting him follow me back to the first room and I switched the lever to lock him in while I shot him through the door with a bow!...
I got bored doing that so I let him out for the last 2 hits with my magic sword.  there was no real feeling of accomplishment or fear.

Also I found it really quite illogical the way in which you gain all these items which you really have nothing left to kill to enjoy them?
By the time you got your magic sword you've only got a couple guys to kill and then it's Game over..nothing left on map so you just equipped best gear and it's over? Sad...!
Not to mention it's not a full set of magic gear?
You never need to spend gold to buy anything its all found easily in dungeons.
The herbs were a waste of time I never used any.
I never needed any healing ever. regen was enough for the rare times I took a hit.
the Game was great in its presentation and style but very lacking in its imagination creativity and logic. It was repetive all puzzles were unimaginative...the same dungeons different shape. same "open elsewhere switch or key.
There really was not enough variety of puzzles which was an opportunity wasted.

I would have liked to see
:Variety in puzzles.
:More variety in dungeon maps and textures.
: Much more difficult end game mobbs with perhaps even some that use range weapons.
:Much less gold find or ways to spend it.
I have $70,000 gold left and nothing worth buying.
:Too many herbs and making potions were unessesary. More need for use or rarity of find.
:Perhaps some comedy with a greater story line.
:Maybe mobbs that can respawn for replay ability.
: Boss encounters at end of each dungeon. which drops the loot instead of a chest that was easy to get.
:Night time every 12 hours would be very Eerie,  where hard enemies would appear like "vampires" or something more creative, would bring a real sence of danger and tense moments that are memorable.
Maybe you have to get back to an inn to rest until morning if you are faint-hearted or scared lol.
I could suggest forever but I leave it to your imagination.
But I stress the need to bring the game to life because it has huge potential.

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