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I have large .Obj model, that consist of several meshes combined together and exported as one single .obj. Each mesh is assigned to a different texture( A house with Pillars, Windows, Wall, Steps and Roofs).
The Size is relatively large, I have serialized and then compressed and rendered the model without the texture and also with one single plain image as texture. (if anyone need helps on Serialization I am happy to help)
1. I want to render the model with respective textures for each separate mesh.
2. In which step I have to add the texture for the model, during Serialize the model in the Java Project or during the time of loading serialized object using JPCT-AE (in android) ?
(I have UV unwrapped textures for each mesh)
3. I have a close button also in the app, when I click it, model should be removed and all the textures in TextureManager should be removed.

Please guide me on adding respective textures for the model.

Thanks in Advance.

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