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Support / Vertices only visible in certain camera angles
« on: May 17, 2021, 01:17:17 pm »

I'm rendering a surface (ground terrain) from a model. The model can exist of alot of triangles (> 1000000) so I'm using a dynamic object limited to the 10000 triangles closest to my center of view. This worked nicely when I used a vertex controller (by extending the GenericVertexController) although updating the vertex data was a bit slow. So I wanted to try another approach.

Looking at the code for vertex attributes, it looks like it's possible to update parts of the data at the time, which might give a bit smoother experience instead of updating the comlepete data set which sometimes give hickups. So I removed the vertex controller and implemented my own vertex shader with a dynamic vertex attribute for position. And instead of updating the vertices by calling object.getMesh().applyVertexController() (and object.touch()) I'm only updating the position vertex attribute. The goal was to reach the same result as before and then try to update bits of the data at the time. The problem is, now my surface is only visible at a certain camera angle range.. within the range, I can see the triangles of the surface exactly as before but if I rotate the camera around its view center, the triangles disappear...

Am I forgetting to update something? The shaders are really simple and do not rely on normals/light. Just another vertex attribute with the color.


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