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Projects / Re: Range Shooter 3D - my first game
« on: July 09, 2013, 04:41:19 pm »
    I have found one bug related to touch controls! If you try to aim the weapon(Without removing your finger off) and then touch anywhere on the screen with other finger , the weapon fires( i.e, you do not need to touch the fire button )!

This is/was actually a feature. It started like this to be able to touch anywhere to fire with second finger, but my friends who tested didn't seem to find it very intuitive so I have added the fire button. Would have liked it more cleanly without the fire button, but I didn't seem to find any easy way of making the user aware.

"On my older 600 mhz device, a 90 second game took ~450 seconds to finish . The game timing was 5 times slower the real time. On my 1 ghz phone ,though the time was "

I'm aware of this issue and I am still looking in a way of fixing it (tried all possible functions that get the time from android including nano time) but the behavior is still the same on some slower devices (e.g. is fine on galaxy s2 and Nexus while  time is too slow on my noname tablet with 1.6 ghz processor). If anyone has any idea on how to fix it I would really appreciate it. I first implemented the time mesurement using the examples on this site then moved to read the time from system but both still have the same issue. Might be just my code that is broken but I cannot explain why on some phones worked while on other the time is too slow....

Glad you like it and thank you for suggestions and reporting the bugs.  Also big thanks to EgonOlsen for the framework and to the creator of Jbrush which was quite helpful.

As I mentioned it's my first Android game and my experience with Java was quite limited before starting. I worked in total 6 months (in the free time I had after coming from work), mostly in my Xmas and Easter holidays but most of the time was spent on weapons modeling and texturing using photos I could find. It's still not 100% as fun as I wanted it to be but hope to keep working on it or expanding from it.

Projects / Range Shooter 3D - my first game
« on: July 07, 2013, 09:12:20 am »
I've finally managed to published my first game using JPCT after long months of working on it. It's a very simple but hopefully fun weapons range simulation with  plenty of weapons and levels to unlock.

I wanted to start with something simple and hopefully my next project will be a bit more complex. The programing part with JPCT was quite simple, what took me a lot was to model the weapons and levels.

The game can be downloaded from Play Store:

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