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oh thanks, that happens if your phone is not using U.S. english,


First off, I just want to thank  "EgonOlsen" for all his help. Thanks to him, I was able to complete a personal project that i just wanted to. It took me 3 months to do the 95%, and 1 more month to do the last 5%.

The only engine that i could use was JPCT.

Here is the app:
I created some promo stuff as well, like a video and some advertisements.

It allows the user to modify a 3D model using an Android app and simple place an order to 3D print your creation and then get it shipped to your house :)

Comments are welcome.

More Sample pictures:

hmm ok thanks for clarifying that.

Is the texture object fully serializable ?

Hmm ok, thanks for solving that problem. I will just look up the naming convention for images that are converted to textures through the mtl file.

can you help me solve this other problem, same domain....

So 2 parts of my mesh have color materials. Eye = RGB = 1 0 0 and feet = RGB 1 0 0
Now, when loading, the TextureManager makes 1 texture and assigns it to both.

When i want to change only the foot, i cant because they are both associated with the same texture, since the dynamic texture id for both is "obj-255:0:0"

is there are way to fix this ? I have a work around, as in have unique colors per part-mesh... but im just wondering if there is a fix here that i dont know of.

The material names are different, color_eye and color_feet.. in the mtl file but once i load the Object3D, all the feet poly and the eye poly are associated to the same texture so going through the polygon manager wont solve this issue either.

Hi I just needed some clarification regarding the serialization and deserialization of object3D


So i have an object3D model with 1 color (RGB = 1,0,0). I see that a texture is created on load with something like obj-255:0:0, and its accessible through the Texture Manager after I serialize on one platform (i-e windows) and deserialize on another (Android).
If i have the same object, textured with abc.jpg, will that texture be created on the platform when i DE-Serialize the object ?

So what im essentially asking i are textures serialized along with the object, and created when they are de-serialized ?


i was hoping for a realtime view if possible, so as the finger moves on the screen, the texture scrolls over the polys,
that build step will cause a 3-5 second delay everytime,

guess i need to write a shader with an individual UV transform matrix and be able to identify different sub parts of the mesh.

Hmm you steer me towards the polygonmanager and the polygon IDs, but i don't know how to correctly use them.

Like, it has 0 ---5K ids, one for each of my polygons, how do i know polygon 0 - 1400 are the face, 1401 - 2500 is the torso etc., is that done in the .obj file somehow through node-id or grouping or something ?

I want to provide a UI (of some sort) to position a texture on a part of the mesh,

Its for a model viewer project.

so lets say i texture the clothes of a character, with a certain image, but i want the user to correctly place it using a finger. so the user move the finger left --> right, and i offset the UV in the x-direction.

I can get the x, y and how much the user wants to move the texture, but i need to offset that texture only on the clothes (sub-mesh), and not the torso, feet etc.

Hmm i found this thread where you talk about it , but you haven't answered that guy's question

face texture is tex-1
show-texture is tex-2

i just want to transform UV on 1 of them, but both are applied to an Object3D.

just FYI: this thread should be moved to JPCT-AE

but i want o do it per texture, not all the textures used on the object.

oh wow, yeah that's exactly what i mean, like translate, scale and rotate the UV

I cant get my shader to work, but the default shader works great
i want to change the UV for a texture, but dont want to write my own shader

is that possible ?

Support / Re: Object3D color not being read in shader
« on: December 02, 2015, 03:35:42 pm »
oh i meant hacky as in its not that diverse
you can only represent a few number of materials this way, what if you want to differentiate , say 20 materials on the character
then the masking wont work, if i understand it correctly

Support / Re: Object3D color not being read in shader
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:00:46 am »
hmmm yeah i do get these color maps with some models. look like a good first solution, but i think its hacky

I mean there is a limitation on the number of materials you can represent this way right ? but thanks, i think doing my shader is the first step
so will get on that

Support / Re: Object3D color not being read in shader
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:51:28 pm »
yeah no i got that part. all polygons will be textured initially.
once they are textured with the default color in the texture, now i want to change the textures.

Hmmm correct me here please,

 i think i need to save each material as a separate jpg, as in i cant get by using something like this
since i assume the texture space is all shared hence the texturemanager will create only 1 texture.

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