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Ok, thanks a lot ; I'll check that.


I'm planning to use JPCT-AE for an Android AR application.
So I need that the projection of my scene fit accurately with the camera intrinsics parameters (in the sense of
Basically, I have a K matrix (obtained through an external camera calibration process) :
[ fx 0 x0
  0  fy y0
  0  0  1 ]

Where fx,fy are focal lengths, and [x0, y0] the principal point (which is near the center of frame, but still present a significant offset from that center so that I'm forced to take it into account to stay accurate for the projections and reverse projections).

This post,3366.msg24313.html#msg24313 discussed about that question but didn't resolve the issue of the principal point (ox, oy in the post).

For fx/fy, I can use them to set FOVx and FOVy (with setFOV() and setYFOV()), but how can I inject the offset of the principal point ?

I maybe miss something but I didn't see any direct way to do this. So I hesitate between 2 ways to achieve my goal to use a complete matrix of camera intrinsics :

1/ setFrustumOffset() ? but it only acts on Y axis and there is no method similar method for X axis ?

2/ set FOV values, then retrieve projection matrix with getProjectionMatrix(), inject x0 and y0 at the right place into it and dump the modified projection matrix into the former with setDump().

I understand "projection matrix" in the sense of so that it's only responsible to transform view space into frustum space and I assume it's the same for getProjectionMatrix().

I hope I'm clear enough.

Any hints are welcome,

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