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Have a nice day. I want to express the deep respect to the jPCT'author.

It is required to understand how it is correct to create texture for object in 3DS Max (8.1) that after export of mesh the texture was correctly imposed?

I use Auto-Unwrapper for rendering of texture then it manages to be imposed correctly on object in 3DS Max, but after export of a mesh in *.3ds it is correct to impose texture in jPCT it isn't possible.

And it is unclear in what a problem. Or 3DS Max doesn't unload correct (calculated by Unwrapper) coordinates of texture, or jPCT'Loader doesn't read coordinate correctly.

Special and exact instructions for creation suitable for use in jPCT of textures are necessary.

3DS Max allows to unload coordinates in the *.uvw file. It would be exciting to load them directly to the connected mesh.

Many thanks for attention.

P.S.: If I climb not there, I ask to direct me in the right direction.

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