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Projects / Started a new project, looking for some help....
« on: May 16, 2011, 10:46:26 am »
Hello JPCT community,

I am looking for someone to work with on a game idea I have for Android.

I have been working with JPCT for a few months now and do think itís perfect for what I want to do.
The thing is I am a business analyst working in I.T but not a natural programmer.   

I am good at designing and writing functional and technical specifications for applications and have tried my hand at a game for Android.

I first wanted to code it all myself so have been teaching myself Java and JPCT within eclipse.
I am sure eventually I could manage to get something done but I have been reading the JPCT forum for a while and realize there are way better coders out there than Iíll ever be.

So I am looking for someone who would like to work with me on an Android game. I already have the design and will do all of the object modeling in Blender.
I will also take responsibility for the online marketing (I have a friend who is an online marketer from Ebay who is going to help me with this).

I am not guaranteeing that the game will make any money straight away (or ever) but I think I have a good idea and am willing to share in any fortune I get with whoever wants to work with me  :)

If you are interested then send me a message!

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