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Feedback / Re: are these bugs?
« on: September 12, 2016, 01:10:33 pm »
Well if it can be missed then it's something that should be made unmissable because it can cause confusion. there's no real path to lead you to him so most would miss that.
Besides that. My real point was the narrative that makes a game far superior that is what I hoped you would take away from all this.
Maybe you could look into hiring a Dialogue trainer to Improve writing skills?
A well written memorable story is 9/10ths of a rpg.
Just a suggestion.  because it felt rushed and Shallow in depth.
again not insult just observation and suggestion.

Feedback / Re: are these bugs?
« on: September 12, 2016, 02:46:22 am »
Thanks for the effort put into your reply.
I'm used to writing a lengthy thought out post to most other develepers and recieving disconcerning abrupt one liner responses haha.
I don't want to take up too much of your time. My mind is brimming with game ideas of all kinds which I have aquired through so many years of gaming. I truly believe if I had a few guys like you who could do the coding we could make a hit. I have used a game making scenerio editor in the past to create several 8 player games I released online which were widely praised and a rpg which I used various triggers and effects to break the boundaries of the editing tools ability.
but that's just a simple game design tool I have no knowledge about using text code or any coding at all actually pretty much nothing as far as that's concerned. but I created a very exciting puzzle rpg with strong elements of Feeling,Emotion, Storyline and tense moments of fear aswell as heartfelt moments in the dialogue.
Thats what I believe makes a game memorable.
I understand where you are coming from it took me 6 months to make an rpg with a game design editor that just allows you to seed a map and place things around and set triggers and effects etc etc with over 1000 animated models pre coded.
So I can imagine the effort doing it all in text.

Much of my ideas were intended to suggest future addition to this game rather than change it. When i say dialogue what is a good addition to a story is the use of narrative.
Although the ending I can see your point I feel you still could have it the way it is but I feel it just lacked in story or feeling. you don't need resources to add story.

The guys name is different than the fathers so it's not explained how he became known under a different name.

When I say descriptive feeling that's something narrative can give.
Descriptive narrative gives a feel to the situation. Also a deep story line provides much more content especially needed in a one man relatively short Game. it stetches it out and adds to its length. only writing is needed so it's relatively easy and a grear way to extend a games life. of course you add a skip dialogue option for those who dislike reading text. however I feel if they take their tI'm to read they would enjoy the game more. a 2 hour gameplay control can become many hours of memorable experience.

Example Only:
Upon embark:
"With the emblem held tightly grasped in my hand and with it all hope of ever finding my father, I made the journey through the woods".

Upon arrival:
"As I came upon the door of the house I felt as though I was at my last hope and if this turned out to be a waste of time I feared I would have to return to my home which now would feel empty and silent without my mother or father present it would be a place of residence rather than my home....with this in mind all my hopes rested on this tiny seemingly insignificant stone I held in my hand."

"Greetings, It's been long since we met."
I remember you last told me of I ever found a emblem or idol to bring it to you".
Well I found this one deep inside a place of evil protected by a demon!"
Surely it has some significanve? "
I was hoping you could she'd some light on How it could be related to my lost father's whereabouts"?

Upon handing stone:
 "The old and weary man gazed upon the emblem I had handed him and a look of astonishment fell upon his face".

"Old man":
"This Stone....It's can it be? I created this art! I recognize it clearly as my work however I can't recall doing so."

"Old man":
"I wonder How on earth this is possible?"
I really need to rest".

"Sit down here please try to remember because it's very important I need to find my father and you are my only last hope"!

"His hands began to tremble as he held the relic. He looked up at me and for the first time I gazed into his familiar eyes and he into mine"!

"Old man":
"You....oh.....I....I'm....sorry....Please no.... just I don't know where your father "The man looks sad and wallowing in self pity".

"I....I Can't....Believe it! ....I almost gave up that you Father?!!!

" A tear rolled down his cheek as the old and weary man who's face had endured the elements of time reached out his hand"

"Old man":
"! "He exclaimed with a chocking voice!

"Ohhh Dad!!!... "My heart pounded in joy! But suddenly concerned at his appearance, this withered old man standing before me, a mere shadowy figure of his former greatness that had always been my role model and inspiration".

"I pulled him in close to me, my arms around his shoulders, A feeling came over me that only the warm embrace of a parent can give"

"What happened Dad? how could you end up here alone...."

"His eyes fell in shame as he stared down at his feet"

"Old man":
...."Please forgive me Dear Son....I...I...Just couldn't come back as a failed father....And ohh...God....What Have I done??!!!..My poor Wife....What has become of your mother?....I am not worthy...."

"Father!'t speak like that ....please" "sobs"..."You are all I have left in this world!...""Gasp"...
"Mother has long passed since...She Became ill and had all but given up hope" "I Told her everything would be ok as i couldn't bring myself to tell her the truth, That I would try to find you.!"
"Mothers last words were" Please Tell your father.... I forgive him!"...

"His Mother of course knew in her heart Her son would try to find his father despite the dangers".

"He lifted his head again his eyes peered into mine...."

"Old man":
"Oh my son!" He said as he looked me up and down...."What a fine young man you've become...and so brave to come all this way just to find me....Me! a worthless old mercenary withered away to nothing!"

"Feeling blessed to have my Father once again back in my life I unsheathed my sword and lay it on the table"

"You'll always be my inspiration and You are never nothing to me! "...
"You are a man of honor a man of truth and a man of stubborn pride...!"
" You are....."Father"!

Sorry....I guess losing my own father in real life I have more sentiment about it.

The way your story ended finding his father was shallow it felt like he just found an old pair of shoes...there was no feeling involved and no climax or emotional ending.
This was his Father he found he had risked his life he had lost his mother he was alone in the world...surely finding his father after all this considered it should have been a much more monumental moment?

Anyway thanks for the game I really enjoyed it. I understand you wanted it to be what you like. but a little emotion and feeling can go a long way.
Perhaps my example was pretty lame. I'm no expert in writing dialogue just wanted to give you some inspiration to maybe just consider writing a in depth meaningful story because I'm sure that it will be well recieved and make the game you worked so long on become memorable.  because really 4 years of work shouldn't be let down by a Vague story line. it can make it come alive.
And when I said "unimaginative and not creative." I didnt mean the game itself lacked imagination. it's just that more could of been put in via dialogue and puzzles.
instead of the same old. Pull the switch on a wall opens a door elsewhere.
it could have had some doors with a diffrent means to open.
Example: A hidden crack in a wall with a key inside.
A code on the door where each number is found somewhere.
A way of shooting a switch inside the locked room with the bow through the window to open
You get the idea.
Again I understand the time constraints these are just future ideas.
I want to point out that the dungeons were referee to as "mines" However there's nothing inside that resembles a mine. no mining tools or cart or digging sites.
now I'm just being picky lol sorry.
Please don't feel you need to reply in great detail I don't intend to create a job in forum for you. just hope you will take some ideas on board and one day we will see some new exciting content.
By the way Why not look for some investors and create a team to work on future development?  I'm sure they will see great potential and expertise in your works and be willing to go into partners with a funded dev team? just food for thought.

Feedback / are these bugs?
« on: September 11, 2016, 02:50:54 pm »
The following post is designed to help or just give ideas and not to insult. I hope you will see my points.
First of all I Love many aspects of your game and the style and I'm impressed by the fact it's a one man effort.

However  I'm an extreme veteran when it comes to gaming. 25 years on all platforms on hundereds of titles. so forgive me if my honest upfront critic offends. please read on.
I'm curious and confused as to why I found a black gemstone that Reads;"it's special"

However after end Game it's still in my quest items I can't see a use?
also I have Leonald's sword in quest items that I never found a use for?
And...There is another crypt on top of a hill in which there are two doors inside.
one says opened elsewhere. (Without any elsewhere). and the other locked (without any key) this is after game has finished there's no way of finding any key and no switch. I found it odd to be able to complete a game whilst a dungeon is unexplored.
so how do I get inside these doors?

Also on another note;
Why did this game end so disapointingly abrupt without any real sentiment or build up?
I mean your looking for your father the whole game then the first guy you met who by the way has a different name turns out to be in theory (not any real proof) he is your father?
then the game ends without any real feeling or emotional conversation or anything in fact it left me feeling totally void of any "glory moment or highlight"
just oh...f..father.....the end...?! face palm!
I was like..."omg lame you can't seriously tell me that's the end?!!"

Another note:
It was far too easy.
I never died once. just hit,move back, hit.
I killed the last demon guy by just letting him follow me back to the first room and I switched the lever to lock him in while I shot him through the door with a bow!...
I got bored doing that so I let him out for the last 2 hits with my magic sword.  there was no real feeling of accomplishment or fear.

Also I found it really quite illogical the way in which you gain all these items which you really have nothing left to kill to enjoy them?
By the time you got your magic sword you've only got a couple guys to kill and then it's Game over..nothing left on map so you just equipped best gear and it's over? Sad...!
Not to mention it's not a full set of magic gear?
You never need to spend gold to buy anything its all found easily in dungeons.
The herbs were a waste of time I never used any.
I never needed any healing ever. regen was enough for the rare times I took a hit.
the Game was great in its presentation and style but very lacking in its imagination creativity and logic. It was repetive all puzzles were unimaginative...the same dungeons different shape. same "open elsewhere switch or key.
There really was not enough variety of puzzles which was an opportunity wasted.

I would have liked to see
:Variety in puzzles.
:More variety in dungeon maps and textures.
: Much more difficult end game mobbs with perhaps even some that use range weapons.
:Much less gold find or ways to spend it.
I have $70,000 gold left and nothing worth buying.
:Too many herbs and making potions were unessesary. More need for use or rarity of find.
:Perhaps some comedy with a greater story line.
:Maybe mobbs that can respawn for replay ability.
: Boss encounters at end of each dungeon. which drops the loot instead of a chest that was easy to get.
:Night time every 12 hours would be very Eerie,  where hard enemies would appear like "vampires" or something more creative, would bring a real sence of danger and tense moments that are memorable.
Maybe you have to get back to an inn to rest until morning if you are faint-hearted or scared lol.
I could suggest forever but I leave it to your imagination.
But I stress the need to bring the game to life because it has huge potential.

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