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Thank you for reply and explanation :)

The firefly is great. The code example of firefly also helped me a lot. I will try to use that pattern for mine ship engine and will share the results :)

There is one thing in the code that I do not understand well. The visible polys create glowing effect which is ok, but what is the purpose of the invisible polys with black texture? I have played a little bit with the firefly and temporarly commented out those invisible polys - for me there was no visible difference after that...


I am newbie in 3d rendering and jpct engine, so excuse me for naive questions, but I am wondering how to specify what part of object (or which objects) should glow/shine.
I have created a simple gray space ship with blue cockpit window and light-blue engine. The ship does not have any texture - I have just specified colors for it's parts in blender.

I wanted to make the ship's engine glowing, so I have added the BloomGLProcessor to FrameBuffer as a post processor. When I ran the application I have noticed that the cockpit window is also glowing (in fact, it is glowing more than the engine).

Can you please give me some hints what should I do to avoid the situations where unwanted parts of objects are glowing?

Here I added the link to my test application:


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