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Re: Google sketchup support
« Reply #15 on: October 24, 2008, 05:26:24 am »
I have found that the Collada importer for Blender is more compatible than the FBX converter for loading .dae files.  Blender is free, and there is a pretty good 3ds exporter script for it as well.  This makes Blender a good tool to use for converting Google Sketchup (free version) models to .3ds.

How to use this method:

1) Download Blender from and install it.  Pay attention to what version of Python it recommends that you download.

2) Download the correct version of Python from and install it.

3) Download the COLLADA plug-in for Blender from  Follow the included instructions for installing it.

4) Download export_3ds2kex.txt from (requires a free registration).  Rename it to and copy it to the Blender scripts directory.

5) Follow my previous instructions for obtaining the .dae file.

6) Import the .dae file into Blender.

7) Export to .3ds.