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Farplane problem again
« on: January 21, 2010, 12:13:42 am »
[Edit: Ok, it turns out that my program modifed config.farplane in several places, and I was trying to extend the range by foolishly changing the first one rather than the last one..... Nonetheless.... I'll leave a few of my previous comments below just in case someone wants to look at the unusual viewing distance achieved in Wurm Online, a Java webstart game which uses a rendering engine somewhat similar to JPCT except JPCT seems considerably faster and doesn't bog down my HD the way Wurm does. Perhaps someone can use JPCT to make a faster version of Wurm, a game which not only allows you to see for miles into the distance, but also modify almost every aspect of the landscape.
If you want to see what I'm referring to, here are some links to screenshots from Wurm - not very good ones, but it's difficult to convey the effect in a still photo.
This one shows the variation in detail - individual grass textures in foreground, billboarded trees in midground and minimally-detailed mountains in the distance - and the mountain is distant enough so that it would take you a considerable amount of time to walk there in the game -;sa=view;id=390
Another good view, this time from a high elevation that allows a panoramic view of a city and the distant mountains miles behind it - and to get some idea of the distances visible in this view, take a look at the city in the midground: the large complex of buildings on the artificial mound is large enough to fit hundreds of players, and the statue to the left of it is a "colossus" perhaps twenty times taller than a player character -;sa=view;id=367
Another shot of distant mountains -;sa=view;id=572
A YouTube video showing a tour of a (now abandoned) fortress called Fort Mole. The video allows you to see the game in motion. As with nearly every location in Wurm, the entire fortress was built by players one brick at a time, one plank at a time - in fact the bricks, planks, and nails have to be made by players as well. You can also terraform the landscape and build entire islands, one shovelful of dirt at a time. -

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