Author Topic: Version 0.83 beta 1 has been released!  (Read 4763 times)

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Version 0.83 beta 1 has been released!
« on: January 20, 2003, 11:50:34 pm »
This version is the first version of jPCT that offers hardware acceleration as an option (via OpenGL and using LWJGL). Adding OpenGL support required to do a lot of changes in some parts of the programming, so i decided to release this version as beta 1 and not as a regular release. The documentation reflects the changes but some parts will most likely need further work...anyway, here is 0.83 beta 1!!
I replaced the terrain example applet with a terrain application that makes use of the new OpenGL support (can be run in software as well).
The OpenGL support should be transparent to code written for older versions of jPCT, i.e. if you're not interested in OpenGL support but in the other features and fixes this version offers, just replace your old version of jPCT with the new should work as usual without changes. If it doesn't, please let me know... :wink:
set- and getCamera() in the Camera.class are deprecated now. They have been replaced by set- and getPosition().

Edit: A slightly updated version has been uploaded that fixes a problem with drivers that return a refresh-rate of 0 Hz.