Author Topic: Write messages in mid-air and share them over GoogleTalk(Jabber/any XMPP)  (Read 2525 times)

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Not sure if anyone is interested but we have a earlier alpha of our Skywriter app concept:

Its not too usefull but you can:

- Login with any XMPP/Jabber based account (like Google)
- Create a wave (which is a multi-user chatroom)
- Invite users.
- Post a billboard sprite with writing on at any location you see. (click and hold on the AR view and go "create" to make a billboard, then use +/- volume to adjust distance. Hold over the newly created item again and go "confirm" to add text and post)
- Any one in the room you posted it too can see it.
- You can create as many rooms as you like, different people in each, post to any of them, toggle visibility of each.

What you cant do:

- No persistence. As we are using XMPP, the app its currently limited to just seeing stuff posted if you are currently logged in. You log-out and its lost. Sorry :(   Think of it like IRC chat :P

Long term goal:

- To have this as a fully-featured open protocol, allowing anyone to make a browser for it.
- To have connections to WFP servers, allowing persistency.
- Support more elaborate AR models being created on the fly.  (you can actually already display full 3d models with textures by sending a ARWave link, but they need to be posted from a PC client, if anyone wants to try this out I will spec out the link format - its pretty simple).