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Earthify 3D
« on: October 20, 2016, 12:16:45 am »
Hello everyone,

I would like to share my live wallpaper app here which I made using some amazing 3D engine called jPCT-AE! :D

This app has been out for a while now actually but I never really published it here because it's actually still not finished...
I decided to publish it already so people can already use/enjoy the live wallpaper.
I'm really proud of my work although it's probably not nearly the best live wallpaper out there.
That's not my aim either but I guess I'm a little of a perfectionist so I will try to keep improving it.

I'm not really a programmer, it's just an hobby for me. (I have a busy life as an Applied Physics student so I don't spend that much time on programming)
This is not my first app using this library, my most popular app is Skin Viewer 3D (in my forum signature) which is more than a year old now already.
The GLSL Shader language was rather new to me when I began this project but I managed to learn it a little from examples mainly! :)
The custom shaders are based on the default shaders but they have mainly be written by myself (and with a lot of help from the internet/Google).
My biggest problem is probably to support a large range of devices since I'm not really able to test on a lot of devices myself.

What I like most about my own live wallpaper is that it is very customizable.
And it's quite funny to see how the live wallpaper changed over the passed few months.
I tried my best to optimize the wallpaper as much as possible to reduce battery usage...
(usually people say Live Wallpapers are battery consuming but in my opinion it just depends HOW you use your live wallpaper... if you're playing with it constantly on your homescreen then it sort of makes sense to me I guess)
Not all features of the app work properly yet but I'm still working on that.


Google Play Store link:

Special thanks:
EgonOlsen - For making this amazing 3D library and for providing quick support on the forums! :)

Feel free to comment! :)

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