Author Topic: How to Rotate a 3D Object continuousl along its axis when button is pressed ?  (Read 2541 times)

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I am working on 3D viewer project which uses JPCT 3D and LWJGL Library. My application is a JFrame application in which I created a Framebuffer and added a 3D box object in it. I want to rotate that 3D object along its axis in all the directions using J-Buttons. For Example : If I press and hold the JButton named 'Left' then 3D object should rotate along y axis in left direction continously until the mouse button is released and when I press JButton named 'Right' the 3D Object should rotate along y axis in right direction.

Please guide me and help me with suitable code example.

Thanking You


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Just use one of the rotate...()-methods in Object3D. Depending on your needs, you can either rotate around a fixed axis or around an axis relative to the current rotation, which would be something like

Code: [Select]
obj.rotateAxis(obj.getXAxis(), ...);