Author Topic: jpct ,in android, renders my object above the JS layer, which is not expected  (Read 18375 times)

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     I am using jpct to render an object(by reading a wavefront model obj file) and rendering it inside my react native app.However the object is rendered on top of the JS layer .The 3D object should typically remain inside the native view, which is wrapped by the JS layer in react-native.Please let me know if i am missing out anything or any hints or suggestions available.

Thanks in advance,
Kartik Negandhi.

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I'm sorry, but I've no idea. All that jPCT-AE does is to render into the GL context provided by the app. It doesn't do anything in terms of modifying this context or playing around with layers or such. Whatever goes wrong here, has to be a problem with your app's setup, not with jPCT-AE.