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« on: April 01, 2022, 02:54:26 pm »
After playing some racing games on my old computers (Amiga, C64...), I felt the urge to try something like that for myself on a more modern platform but with a retro look. I wanted to code something that at least generates a road and moves a car. I'm not sure, if this is going anywhere...if it is, it'll be some Android game...but I'm still undecided, if I really want to do that.

Anyway, it's basically code that generates road tiles based on an RNG and then warps, rotates and translates them to form a continuous road. The tiles get enabled/disabled based on the player's position, so that in total, not more than 30 tiles are being processed for each frame. So even if it looks like a single 3d mesh, it actually isn't.

Then it places a car sprite (ripped from Outrun), plays some music (also ripped from Outrun...) and moves along.

Here's a video (with german descriptions, but anyway):

Edit: It's using the software renderer for now, hence the shimmering.
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