jPCT-AE - the main features
jPCT supports Android 1.5 and higher and can be used with OpenGL ES 1.x as well as with OpenGL ES 2.0.
It offers shader support for ES 2.0 and uses a set of default shaders that mimic the behaviour of 1.x in a 2.0 context. So you can use 2.0 without being forced to write your own shaders.
Looking for the Java version?
This is the feature set of jPCT-AE, the Android Edition. If you are looking for desktop jPCT's features instead, click here.


jPCT-AE with its easy to learn API offers you all the features you need to write a cool looking, mobile 3D game, simulation or business application for Google's Android platform in a short time. jPCT-AE is light weight and only loosely coupled to the OpenGL context. It doesn't force you into a specific code structure and can be used in any Acitvity.

The features

Unleash the power of OpenGL ES 2.0 with full shader support.
Games are great, but you can also write "serious" apps if you want to.