Differences between jPCT and jPCT-AE

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Differences between jPCT and jPCT-AE


In the following sections, i'm going to use AE for jPCT-AE and jPCT for desktop jPCT.

Classes, packages and methods

The basic structure of jPCT and AE doesn't differ that much. If you are familiar with jPCT, you'll instantly find your way into AE. However, AE is smaller. It lacks some options of jPCT, because of hardware and software limitations of the underlying platform and some cleanup work. Here's a brief overview about the main differences:

  • there's no procs nor threading package in AE.
  • the util package is there, but it contains less classes. The Lights class has moved into the main package and it now the default way of creating lights in AE.
  • the methods to work with lights in World are all gone in AE. Use the Lights class instead.
  • software and hybrid hardware mode are gone. AE uses compiled objects only.
  • there's no way to explicitly compile an Object3D, AE does this automagically. However, there is a method in World to compile all objects in the world that jPCT doesn't have.
  • portal rendering has been removed. I'm not sure if it works properly in jPCT anyway, because no one ever really used it for years.
  • image, texture and color handling is different, simply because Android has no AWT package or classes.
  • ...