Installation of jPCT-AE

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Installation of jPCT-AE


Installation is simple. All you need is an Eclipse with Android plugin installed (as well as the Android SDK itself, of course). Create your project as an Android project in Eclipse, add the jpct-ae.jar to the build path and you are ready to go. Don't create a user library that contains the jar or include a project that contains the jar, because neither way will deploy the jar on the phone (at least that's my experience).

For newer versions of the Eclipse-Plugin, have a look at this: Dealing with dependencies in Android projects

Android Studio

Installation is similar to Ecplise, maybe even simpler. Create your porject and your module, drop the jpct_ae.jar into the module's libs directory, press F4, click on the "Dependencies" tab, add a new file dependency to the jar in the libs directory and you are ready to go.