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The jPCT wiki

jPCT is a free, small, fast and easy to learn 3D engine for Java and Android. It offers support for software and hardware rendering. This Wiki should help people with tutorials, instructions and samples. If you think that you have something to contribute, contact [1] and ask for an account. Account creation has been disabled due to massive spam attacks.

jPCT resources

The jPCT homepage

The jPCT community

jPCT-AE - jPCT for Android

jPCT - a 3D engine for Java



How to install

How to start

First steps

Coordinate system

Hello World

Loading models


Advanced example


Using jPCT in Swing

Advanced topics

The different renderers

Collision detection


Compiled objects




Reducing high-poly models

Mip mapping

Code Snippets

Applet using the lwjgl joystick

Changing applet's heap size via HTML

FPS-like camera controls


Create a cube

Getting Worldspace Bounds

jPCT-AE - a 3D engine for Android

Installation of jPCT-AE

Hello World for Android

Simple Camera Movement

Differences between jPCT and jPCT-AE

OpenGL ES 2.0 support

Using the emulator

GPU guide

jPCT-AE and libgdx

Reducing memory usage

Performance tips for Android

Profiling Android Applications

Bones for jPCT/jPCT-AE

Notes on Exporting from Maya/Max/Softimage with OgreMax

Exporting from Blender to Bones

Animation Blending (combining vertex and bone animation)