Open sourced projects from Thomas

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Thomas. was so kind to open source his three projects. They contain some advanced stuff like shadows, water rendering, depth of field, physics...

Physics example

It's a port of the desktop example + some manipulation with objects by touching them, controlled camera (zoom, height and rotation around point) and throwing spheres.

Game for Android

Should have been some first person shooter or puzzle game. There is a lot of interesting code like shadow mapping, depth of field, motion blur, blur, distortion effects, pixel lighting (point, directional, spot), normal and parallax mapping. There is also an implementation of a GUI with buttons, labels, lists, groups, switches, Method for loading maps from XML files, an unfinished map editor which supports only lights and particle emitters. There is also dynamic water based on modified vertex heights. Objects can interact by touching them (buttons, valves, levers, displays).


There is simple pixel point lighting, particle effects, grain (vertex manipulation) and implementation of raft's bones.

How to get it?

You can visit the Thread in the forum or download everything in one package.