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jPCT is written in Java. To develop application using jPCT you need at least the Java Development Kit (JDK). For more comfort, you may want to use an IDE such as Eclipse or Netbeans.

jPCT is compatible to java 1.1 but some features can only be used with higher versions. The current version of Java is Java6, which is recommended to be used with jPCT. If you are for some reason stuck with Java 1.4 or Java5, don't worry...jPCT will work fine with both of them.

jPCT offers a Java 1.1 compatible software renderer and two OpenGL based hardware renderers. The hardware renderers are based on LWJGL and support Windows, Linux x86, Mac OSX and Solaris.

In addition, it supports JOGL via a dedicated, additional jar that is included in the distribution.