The different renderers

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The different renderers

jPCT comes with four different renderers:

Software renderers

The software renderers are Java 1.1 compatible. There are two them, but one is considered as deprecated.

  • the legacy software renderer: It's deprecated, don't use it
  • the OpenGL-alike software renderer: This is the default renderer when creating a new frame buffer

The software renderers don't support all features that the hardware ones do, especially multi-texturing isn't supported.

Hardware renderers

The hardware renderers require at least Java 1.4, Java5 or 6 are recommended. They are both using OpenGL via LWJGL, so your driver has to support this. The drivers that come with Windows XP and Vista don't support OpenGL. Use a driver from your card's vendor instead. The two renderers are:

  • the native OpenGL renderer: Renders into a native (i.e. not using AWT/Swing) OpenGL window. AWT or Swing aren't possible in this window
  • the AWTGLRenderer: Based on LWJGL's AWTGLCanvas, this renderer renders into an AWT canvas. All painting is done in the awt event thread. jPCT takes care of this.