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Wireframes not draw correctly


I use World.drawWireframe(..., 1, true) to overlay my objects with a wireframe. This works fine most of the time.
Recently, I stumbled over a object, whose faces are rendered correcly but the wireframe is not. It seems like some additional "wires" are added at very sharp edges of the object.
I added  the .obj file to this post. It seems to be consistent when viewing it using MeshLab.
Can someone reproduce the error? Is it a bug in jPCT-AE or in my object file?
Thank you.

I use jPCT-AE from 2013-07-04.

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That's well known (at least to me...) and not a bug. It's what i meant when i added this sentence to the docs:

--- Quote ---Because of a "great" design decision in OpenGL ES, the result might not look particularly good though.

--- End quote ---

I can't remember the reason anymore, but it had something to do with the way in which OpenGL ES handles line drawing. There's no way to fix this, i'm afraid. If possible, revert to rendering points instead. They look fine.

What a pity.
Nevertheless, thanks for the fast reply.


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