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I finally released it:

Have fun!

Finally! Congratulations. First impression is really good, two questions though:
- Any way to invert the y axis on the right joystick? Its no flight sim :)
- Any specific reason why the movement with the left stick  is limited to 8 axis instead of being fully analog? Feels i little stiff to me! I could get used to it for sure, just interested why you made that decision.
I will give more detailed thoughts on the game after I played for a while, these two just for the moment.

It's very nice so far! I second the request for inverted y axis controls, it's a highly divisive issue and I'm firmly in the non-flightsim camp after years of Quake experience back in the days.

Personally, I can't deal with inverted controls, so it was obviously very hard for me to imagine that anybody out there might prefer those...I'll add an option for it.
About the limited my opinion, fully analog controls make you tumble around like a drunk in touch screen controlled I opted for a solution that actually mimics keyboard/mouse controls as good as possible instead of analog gamepad controls.

Aren't "inverted" controls (I'd say they are rather straightforward - up is up) the standard for everything that is not a flight sim? However. Having the option the change it is pretty much necessary for a lot of players I'd say.


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