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Bioshot, A new JPCT game


Hi, people!

After a long time, I've managed to port a J2ME game to android. Its name is Bioshot and it's free and you can get it at Google Play ( or Amazon (
J2ME is a dead platform, and I started making games using it. But I'd like to port my first game to Android (with some enhancements) and Jpct is the best alternative to M3G library because I couldn't recode the entire game. And also, I'd had another game almost finished.

JPCT is a great library. More games to come! Thanks, Egon! Thanks, people!

The only devices that Google Play let me install this on is one of my Nexus7s (not sure if the new or the old one), my Nexus 4 and my very old Nexus S. Nexus 9, Nexus 5x or any other are marked as incompatible. Seems like you have something in your manifest that prevents it from being installed on these devices. Maybe you are blocking higher resolution devices by accident?

Hi, Egon. I'll look into it.

Ok. I've corrected the manifest and other few things. I think it's ok now.

I've added it to the projects page:


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