Author Topic: Camera back inversing after crossing threshold  (Read 41 times)

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Camera back inversing after crossing threshold
« on: December 06, 2017, 04:54:44 pm »
So now am getting the camera information here

 // Get camera matrix and draw.
val viewmtx = FloatArray(16)
frame.pose.toMatrix(viewmtx, 0)

val matrix = Matrix()
matrix.dump = viewmtx
cam!!.back = matrix

But then the camera randomly left and right when I cross a certain location, SimpleVector.ORIGIN I think and not quite sure why

Yet another edit:

Fixed my issue doing what this guy did in the 2nd post,3843.0.html

This forums thought of everything :D

I have a mask which is a sphere, and inside in the sphere another set of models which is the world, and the inner models is slightly popping out of the mask to give the effect of a portal, and the camera is in the background. but how can I make the mask transparent or give that effect, but also have it enclose the model inside it.

Since I can add transparency to the mask but that reveals the object inside. or am I asking for something not possible

Think am trying to do what this guy tried to do:

ignore the below since it seems am being a bit of an idiot :P

So am trying to map a texture to my texture manager and following this topic

But it won't display that texture but another texture from the texture manager. The textureid am using is from here

What am I missing? Since the camera renders fine as the background, but I need it to render as a texture to an object.

Big fan of the engine btw :D
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