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Title: VoxRaiders
Post by: Cowbox on November 30, 2012, 09:48:33 pm
I thought it was time we announced our project!

VoxRaiders is essentially a mining game in development by Soharix (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/).
We're using Voxeng5, a voxel engine built right on top of the jPCT engine. (Thanks to EgonOlsen (http://www.jpct.net/forum2/index.php?action=profile;u=2) for all his help with that.) :D

And yes, the game is inspired by LEGO® RockRaiders™.

There is no real objective yet, as this is only our 3rd release of alpha, but already many of the core game mechanics are in place:
* You can place miners, who will run about mining random walls.
* You can place barriers, to stop the miners running into trouble (lava).
* You can access all 1024x1024x20 voxels in the randomly generated world.
* Flowing fluids (water, noxious gas and lava are all hazards at the moment)

Features yet to come include:
* Vehicles
* Buildings
* Dangerous AI entities
* 2 additional AI algorithms (for waypoints and rudimentary pathfinding)

The current version, Alpha v0.04 can be downloaded here:
(http://soharix.homestead.com/Download.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraidersav004.zip)

And here are some screenshots:
(http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders9__custom_.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders9.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders10__custom_.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders10.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders11__custom_.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders11.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders12__custom_.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders12.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders13__custom_.png) (http://www.soharix.homestead.com/voxraiders/voxraiders13.png)
(The first one was taken before we made a more suitable bitmap font.)

Anyone having difficulty running it successfully is probably facing memory problems with Java.
Title: Re: VoxRaiders
Post by: EgonOlsen on November 30, 2012, 11:27:38 pm
I had to set memory to 1gb to run it (with graphics on high if that matters). After that, it worked fine. Map creation took some time even on a 4Ghz Core i7.
Title: Re: VoxRaiders
Post by: Cowbox on December 01, 2012, 12:06:17 am
Yeah, with graphics on high, it will be rendering:
7 layers per voxel slice, each with a texture of 1024x1024 ARGB.
There are 20 voxel slices.

So this is 140 1024x1024 ARGB textures, 20 of which, have a 2nd texture blended with them.

That's essentially all it's rendering, and I can get about 500FPS on a relatively good computer. (My laptop gets like 100FPS.)

The map generation just takes time because it's manipulating each of the 1024x1024x20 voxels, and assigning them a colour. (It also saves each voxel slice as a .png for map loading/saving as well.)
Title: Re: VoxRaiders
Post by: Cowbox on December 01, 2012, 07:56:34 pm
Updated to v0.04!

Comes with the launcher to allocate memory now.

Has fluids! (Gas/water/lava are dangerous)

Made the menu less... temporary. xD