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Title: GLFont
Post by: paddy on October 01, 2015, 11:57:32 pm
hey everybody

maybe this isn't worth mentioning but i said i'd put it up in case somebody wants to use it or if you want to add it to the GLFont class. it's simply a new method for GLFont that takes a string array in and blits every entry onto a new line using blitstring() everyone is free to use it as they will

thanks again for the wonderful engine  :)

(i tried to attach the modified java class but it wouldnt let me, i've attached the method for anyone who wants to include it )

public void blitParagraph(FrameBuffer buffer, String[] st_array, int x, int y, int transparency, RGBColor color)
      int ref=0;
      for(String s:st_array)
         blitString( buffer, s,x, y+(fontHeight*ref), transparency, color);