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Support / GLSurfaceView + onPause
« on: July 30, 2013, 01:48:49 pm »
Hello. I try to finish activity in "onPause" when i lock my device:
Code: [Select]
public void onPause() {
mGLView = null;
gameRunning = false;
running = false;
paused = true;
renderer = null;
handler = null;
handlerTimer = null;
workThread = null;; = null;
mWorld = null;
fb = null;
workThread = null;
gd = null;
mec = null;
But until i unlock device it's no "onStop" and "onDestroy" in Logcat, only this orange text:
... IInputConnectionWrapper(19178): getExtractedText on inactive InputConnection

After that I have to wait a few seconds, then again I see my game screen and only then the activity is completed...

Why the activity is not complete immediately, as in the method "finish()" without blocking device?

Support / Blur on some objects (Fire/Explosion effect)
« on: June 06, 2013, 12:45:51 pm »
Hello, how can i make blur effect on some objects in JPCT-ae? I need it to create explosion effect in my game.
Or may be glow effect around object?

Support / jPCT and Android LiveWallpaper
« on: April 16, 2013, 04:56:08 pm »
Hi all, I like jPCT, but now I was faced with how to make live wallpaper using jPCT?  For example, I tried to combine the example of Robert Green and the standard example of a working code android, jPCT and so far I do not have enough understanding of the problem. For example now I get an error nullpointer in the method  onSurfaceCreated() (class myEngine extends GLEngine)... Can anyone share the sample code of jpct livewallpaper? p.s. Sorry by my english.

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