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Bones / how to add/remove items in an animated group on the fly?
« on: June 18, 2013, 11:49:56 pm »
hi all!
i am new to bones :) please help me to solve the problem...

in my game i need a character to carry different items in hands, like weapons.
i need to be able to change weapons on the fly without stopping the animation of the character
weapons should be attached to bones so that they can move properly, as if they were parts of character.

how should i do this? what should i export from 3d max and how do i attach things to the animated group?
i would also like to keep things modular, so every item in a separate file.

so far i managed to put a character into my app and successfully roll animation
i am using 3Dmax, android, jpct, bones

maybe asking what was asked already, please link me if it was explained

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