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Projects / Make an Android Game in one month (outside working hours)
« on: November 20, 2013, 01:34:11 pm »
My biggest problem, I think most of you have already been confronted to, is the following:
in terms of project size, I always start something that I am not able to finish.

So I started a new challenge: create a video game in one month. A month to have a playable version on Google Play, and a second month to finish the big features and tweaking the gameplay.

If you are interested to take this challenge, please visit: and click "like" the page (French page, but I will write news in this thread in English).
Clicking to the "like" button is very important, cause I can estimate how many people are interested in, and if I have more people understanding english than french, I will translate this facebook page to english.

In particular you can find the presentation of the project in English. Another link for more convenient viewing this short presentation:

Regarding the game to develop itself, here are some details.
Space Royals Sound is a shoot 'em up in landscape view, in which the player controls a spaceship. Its purpose is to arrive at its destination safely, exploding asteroids on its way.

Two features in relation to this game gender make it unique.
You can find them on the presentation schemes (link below), but here are short description.

On one hand, the music will affect the provision of asteroids. Like rhythm games, asteroids will be placed according to the tempo and tone of the music changes. To complete this specificity, the player can import the music stored on your smartphone / tablet, making game lifetime almost infinite.

On the other hand, some asteroids are not visible on the screen. How the player will be able to destroy them? It will have at its disposal a scanner mechanism, controlled by finger pressure on the screen. Low pressure will move the scanned area to the left, a bigger pressure to le right.
If you have any question or comment, do not hesitate!

Support / Another object/texture transparency problem
« on: August 21, 2013, 03:35:13 pm »
Hello everyone,

I have a annoying problem about transparency objects. I read a lot of threads in this forum, but I'm still not able to find a good solution.

My goal is to draw a character that have water under knees (not neck).
If objects are not transparent, it's easy to do that.
But I can't have a similar result with transparent objects: (or in attachment of this topic).

Some comments about the picture :
- The ground (green and orange/brown part of the picture) is an object3D, not transparent.
- The water is one level higher than the ground. It is a set of rectangular transparent object3D, one per square. Each object has its own sort offset, depending of the location & camera angle.
- The character is an Object3D (rectangular), transparent because texture contains fully transparent pixels. Like water objects, the sort offset of this object depends on its location & camera angle (but higher than water for the same square).

I don't know how to fix this in an efficient way, because splitting each Object3D composing the water into 4 little object3D sounds an heavy solution...
On other hand, I don't know if I can modify texture of a specific object (for example, add a texture representing water on character texture).
Or if there is a way to display the texture on a non transparent object (by removing black pixels for example), I'm also interested!

Anyone have a clue for this problem? :'(

[attachment deleted by admin]

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