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Projects / Beauty 3D Viewer - Android (repost because of miss-location)
« on: August 01, 2014, 10:31:22 am »
Hi all,
I've published a new model viewer into Google play. It can open model from online storage.
In case you want to try  it:

You can see details of feature there.
Thank you

P/S Dear Admin, please help me to delete it from Java group. Thank you

Support / JPCT-AE MultiThreading
« on: March 19, 2014, 07:31:41 am »
I 've used an other thread to load model 3d into JPCT-AE world. However, Rendering is still blocked at render time 1st(we can see 1st frame) until finishing loading.
The way I do:
1. Start loading data thread at onSurfaceCreate
//Create world
new Thread(new Runable(){
//Load 3ds model which has not been used at starting time yet.
2. DrawFrame: Normal update world(example move Camera). It should be not blocked by data loading, it means other data should be updated normally.

I don't understand why, please help

Thank you.

Support / Big data 3DS model loading
« on: February 27, 2014, 10:03:47 am »
I'm making a 3DS viewer using jPCT-AE.
I see 2 problems:
+ Memory consumption is very big for loading a 3DS model : I enabled large heap to use  availble memory for loading., it takes ~100MB memory to load ~5MB 3DS file.
+ Loading time is too long: If 3DS file is 5MB, it take some minutes to load.

I don't think 5MB is a big data for a tablet such as ASUS TF300T.
As a reference, my friend uses Ogre-Android to load ~2M Mesh file, it takes only ~1s.

So, can you share me what limitation of current jPCT-AE for big data? Maybe the issue is inside loader code or creating Object3D ( mergeObject, mergeAll,...)

Hardware: I'm using Transformer TF300T

Thank you

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