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Support / 3D Campus using JPCT
« on: November 04, 2014, 10:04:20 pm »
Hello Guys,

For my Final Year Project, I am doing an Android app that will provide navigation around our university campus in 3D, along with shuttle tracking and viewing.

I am studying the ability of JPCT-AE to help me achieve my purposes.

In summary, I need to design a 3D scene of the campus using a 3D software tool (like 3DS Max for example) and then import this 3D campus on an Android device and be able to manipulate it (like highlight buildings or a certain route, showing shuttle buses traversing the campus).

I want to ask if this is doable using JPCT-AE, and I need an answer asap :(

After a long day of trials I have managed to load an .OBJ object which was less than 1Mb (Couldn't load bigger .OBJ)

Thank you for your replies :-)

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