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Support / Having a hard time understanding uv coordinates in matrix
« on: August 31, 2015, 06:04:05 pm »
I've been looking like crazy online as well as on this site and I can't find any instruction on what the order of the float[16] in the matrix represent. I know the site tells me somewhere that each pair is the 1st, 2nd, etc., vertex but what I am looking for is a tutorial or example that tells me what happens as I change certain points.

Basically, by trial and error I have managed to come up with a squishy effect on a plane which is exactly what I was after but I really would like to understand what all the points represent and the effect they have on a plane.

I know that rotate, scale, and translate simplifies much of the most common effects but for certain actions it is better to have access to the texture matrix for additional effects and fine tuning.

For instance, at the moment what I am trying to do is create a swaying effect on a plane. Like a card rotating one direction and then the other on the y-axis. Even though I can do this with rotateY() I am already rotating the same object plane as part of a different effect, so I want to rotate the texture itself as a second independent rotation of the same object. That way I can use either one without resetting the other.

If there is an easier way to rotate the texture itself please let me know. But I would really love to find a tutorial on the float[16] of the matrix if it can be found anywhere.

Thank you in advance.

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