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Support / Animate an avatar with jpct for Android
« on: June 07, 2017, 11:44:11 am »
I am working on an Android project that looks like pokemonGo. I have an avatar that I made with Blender and MakeHuman. I use the "MakeWalk" function to animate it in Blender and now I want to display this animation in my application.
I already use JPCT_AE to display my avatar on a map but I used .OBJ format and so can't animate it. I looked for solutions on the forum and website and I found three main solutions : MD2 model, Ogre Mesh format (and Bones API) and keyframe animation as it is explained here :

My point is : what is the best solution for my project? I want to have a 3D avatar that can be personalized by the user by changing his textures and also animate it on the map when the user is walking.
I have memory constraints so I can't use many obj files for each pose.

I need expert's advice  :P

Thanks a lot!


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