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Support / Animate Camera zoom out
« on: November 08, 2017, 10:14:25 am »
Hi geeks,
I am newbie to this engine. i have applied gesture scale on object and camera movement to inspect object from all dimensions.

The issue currently i am facing is that on pinch zoom out i want my camera to move back to its origin, that is (0,0,-10).
because when i get zoomed out my object appears at right or left corner of image.
 TIA, Any help will be appreciated

Hi geeks,
i have been trying to get world coordinates at specific distance from camera. i cant use collision detection because i do not have object at that point. Iím at my witsí end!

let me explain briefly,
lets suppose my camera is at (0,0,-50) and i cant have any object in my world. If i tap anywhere on my 2d screen, where in the world space at z=0 that tap goes. please help
please ask if you need further clarification.

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