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Support / Has anyone got this running on the 2.1 Emulator
« on: August 16, 2010, 02:48:01 pm »
I've had endless hassles trying to get even basic jpct apps going on the Android Emulator.

I have done a number of tests using OpenGL on the 2.1 Android Emulator, so i'm pretty sure that isn't the problem, it should be able to deal with basic drawing and rendering

I first tried the demo application, which for some reason crashed on Config.maxPolysVisible = 5000;

When commenting this out it crashes later on.

I then tried the HelloWorld application in the wiki which fell over when it hit:
private RGBColor back = new RGBColor(50, 50, 100);

Deferring this to the moment that the clear actually gets called didn't seem to work either the application crashes before it even gets around to starting the main activity, which leads me to believe that there's something happening in a static block in the compiled jar somewhere.

Any ideas?

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