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Bones / Re: Bones - Skeletal and Pose animations for jPCT
« on: April 08, 2011, 11:54:11 pm »
your model looks upside down due to difference in coordinate systems of jPCT and 3d editor app. as yoi said, if you pass
Code: [Select]
-rotation x180
to import scripts model and skeleton will be rotated 180 degrees around X axis. no need to specify Y and Z rotation if they are zero.

Cheers that worked perfect just couldn't use the -rotation as the last argument as it fails for some reason ( just in case others try it , use it as the first parameter seemed to work fine for me)

On the second problem of the positioning of the mesh , My model is at x,y,z 0,0,0 in the editor but it still appearing off center . As a test i used the ninja model which you give out but that also appears in the exact same location on start up

What might be different is in AndroidManifest.xml i used
Code: [Select]
android:screenOrientation="user"As i want to be able to have a more up close view of the models to fit more of the screen  , could this be the source of the problem ?

Bones / Re: Bones - Skeletal and Pose animations for jPCT
« on: April 08, 2011, 05:01:34 pm »
Just trying to alter the code of this to suit my own needs but i am facing trouble with getting the camera to center on the main target .
I presume in you set the camera position to look at the x,y,z center of the 'world' through 
Code: [Select]
cameraTarget = new SimpleVector(0, 0, 0);
The only problem is for the NinjaDemoActivity you have it arranged for the circle of 8 ninjas to appear around the (0,0,0) center , now for my project i only require 1 model to appear.
So i guess i need to either
  • So what i need to do is make the mesh appear on 0,0,0
  • Get the camera to alter make it focus and rotate around the Mesh imported 
Would you know how to set it this way ?

Also as an aside --
for some reason my models load upside down :)
I'm guessing if i use the
Code: [Select]|bat -in ./tmp/Model.mesh.xml -out ./tmp/ -rotation x180,y0,z0

Would that essentially 'Flip my model around ??

Bones / Re: Bones - Skeletal and Pose animations for jPCT
« on: April 04, 2011, 10:02:52 pm »
Hi back again :)
I am just wondering about the

If you have two objects both of .mesh.xml and want them to display i presume the code
Code: [Select]

for (Animated3D o : animatedGroup) {
return animatedGroup;
Would have to be edited to allow two animated objects but i dont really see how this would be possible in an infinite loop which can only return 1 thing ??
Or is there some way of combining the 2 exports into 1 mesh.xml file ?

Bones / Re: Bones - Skeletal and Pose animations for jPCT
« on: March 09, 2011, 09:55:44 pm »
Hi all ,
I'm probably going to look like an idiot posting this but i am having massive troubles in trying to get my blender animation into bones

I have the .blend file which i want to display
* I can export it with ORGE mesh into

* I can also export the .blend into

Now i see in  within scripts there is the linux/windows .sh and .bat files for both ardor and ogre but how do i progress from here ??
Is there any tutorials which you can link because quite frankly i'm beyond lost

If you can off any help or advice it would be much appreciated,

Support / Re: Newbie Question
« on: January 25, 2011, 12:48:24 am »
Thank you for the help regarding the Demo , but I'm just wondering if yourself or anyone else might know about creating my own type of animations ?

Have you any idea of the type of software or programs that would be required for me to do that for android  ( Trying to search for this on google and the information seems to be too obscure for what i require)


Support / Newbie Question
« on: January 24, 2011, 11:16:04 pm »
Hi all ,

I'm currently studying computer science and am in my final year , for the project I've decided to do a type "learn Karate" application for the android phone. I got the idea from seeing the Ninja animation video on youtube and I was very good at Java from our modules so it seemed to be a nice fit.

Now its come to time to start coding and after getting to grips with the easier stuff to do with android programming i decided to jump into the deep end take a look at the 3d modelling part. To do this i looked at the  and tried loading it up in Eclipse just to get an idea of what's required for this , but the package when "create from existing source " wont work as there seems to be incredible amounts of errors in the code on compile.

So basically what I'm asking is 
- Where would I go to even develop a basic animation ( just a simple kick for example)

Any help or pointers on this would be massivily appreciated as I really do feel completely out of my depth at the moment.

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