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Projects / Avacane Online - Browser Based Java MMO
« on: June 12, 2006, 09:03:34 pm »
Hey Davin, how are ya? Long time no talk. Hope your projects are going ok,


Projects / Avacane Online - Browser Based Java MMO
« on: May 31, 2006, 06:22:47 pm »
Hi there guys, im James from a project called Avacane Online.

First off i just want to say congratulations to the JPCT team, they've done one hell of a job in making this program available to everyone here and it looks like there's a nice community going.

Now, basically im hear because im starting a fairly new project with my team. Its an MMO that will be browser based using the JPCT project. I dont like to give examples but i guess you could say it's like a small version of runescape   that we'll build from.

I already have a team of around 6 people including artists, musicians, modellers and coders but now we need someone who is confident with the JPCT engine. We have java coders to some extent but we need someone to basically come in, show the way and help everyone out.

If you think you'd like to give it a shot, you must have some patience (though we're not all dummies  :wink: ), like to help out and generally be fairly good at using the JPCT engine java coding wise.

The Avacane project itself has been around for a while and we recently switched to Java as we thought there was more of a market for a browser based java MMO than your standard run of the mill 3D Downloadable MMO. Avacane is based in a mythical world of creature and fantasy. There are 6 main races although i dont really want to give away all our original concept,

the game uses a solid and familiar fantasy core, and intertwines this with original and innovative new ideas for fun game play.

If you think you're interested then go ahead and give me a buzz through email or msn at

We do have a domain at HOWEVER this is currently down for maintanence and a fabulous new site is being built. If you would like to have a preview at some of the models for the game or the site layout screenshot, please dont hesistate to ask me.

Thats a lot of information to take in so il leave it there, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask and i apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Overall message: Java Coders or anyone who is more familiar with the JPCT engine needed, must be helpful and be driven by the love of game development, pay will come eventually but that is not why we are developing the game right now.

Thankyou for your time and interest shown,


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